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Peer Reviewed Publications

13. Bain, A., Lalemi, L., Croll Dawes, N., Miles, R. E. H., Prophet, A. M., Wilson, K. R., & Bzdek, B. R. (2024) Surfactant Partitioning Dynamics in Freshly Generated Aerosol Droplets, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Available Online.

12. Bain, A., Ghosh, K., Prilse, N. & Bzdek, B. (2023) Surface-Area-to-Volume Ratio Determines Surface Tensions in Microscopic, Surfactant-Containing Droplets. ACS Central Science, 9(11), 2076-2083.

11. Bain, A., Chan, M. N., & Bzdek, B. R. (2023) Physical properties of short chain aqueous organosulfate aerosol. Environmental Science: Atmospheres, 3, 1365-1373. 

10. Rafferty, A., Vennes, B., Bain, A. & Preston, T. C. (2023) Optical trapping and light scattering in atmospheric aerosol science. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25, 7066-7089.

9. Bain, A. (2022) Buoyancy and Brownian motion of plastics in aqueous media: Predictions and implications for density separation and aerosol internal mixing state. Environmental Science: Nano

8. Yin, H., Dou, J,. Klein, L., Krieger, U. K.,  Bain, A., Wallace, B. J., Preston, T. C. & Zuend, A. (2022) Extension of the AIOMFAC model by iodine and carbonate species: applications for aerosol acidity and cloud droplet activation. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics, 22, 973–1013.


7. Bain, A. & Preston, T. C. (2021) Hygroscopicity of microplastics and mixed microplastic-ammonium sulfate systems. Environmental Science & Technology, 55(17), 11775–11783.

6. Bain, A., & Preston, T. C. (2020) The wavelength-dependent optical properties of weakly absorbing aqueous aerosol particles. Chemical Communications, 56, 89288931.

5. Price, C. L., Bain, A., Wallace, B. J., Preston, T. C. & Davies, J. F. (2020) Simultaneous retrieval of the size and refractive index of suspended droplets in a linear quadrupole electrodynamic balance. The Journal of Physical Chemistry. A, 124(9), 18111820.

4. Bain, A., Rafferty, A. & Preston, T. C. (2019) The wavelength‐dependent complex refractive index of hygroscopic aerosol particles and other aqueous media: An effective oscillator model. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(17–18), 1063610645.

3. Bain, A. & Preston, T. C. (2019) Mie scattering from strongly absorbing airborne particles in a photophoretic trap. Journal of Applied Physics, 125(9), 093101.

2. Bain, A., Rafferty, A. & Preston, T. C. (2018) Determining the size and refractive index of single aerosol particles using angular light scattering and Mie resonances. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 221, 6170.

1. Tavassoli, N., Chen, Z., Bain, A., Melo, L., Chen, D. & Grant, E. R. (2014) Template-oriented genetic algorithm feature selection of analyte wavelets in the Raman spectrum of a complex mixture. Analytical Chemistry, 86(21), 1059110599.

Conference Proceedings

1. Christy, A., Tavassoli, N., Bain, A., Melo, L. & Grant, E. R. (2015) Wide-field confocal interferometric backscattering (iSCAT)-Raman microscopy,  Optics in the Life Sciences, OSA Technical Digest (Optical Society of America, 2015).

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